Unalienable Rights From God Must Be Protected

The United States Constitution is built upon the foundation that certain unalienable rights are given to us by our Creator, and to secure these rights governments are created.1

To overthrow our government and to retain absolute power, conspirators must invalidate unalienable rights. To do that they use propaganda to destroy belief in God.

The state then asserts itself as God. If the state can grant life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then the state can take them away. At that point citizens have no rights but what the state grants them.

But evidences that God exists abound, and something within us whispers that we are children of God.

Would you believe Intel Pentium Processors are not created by man but evolved from sand?

Can we advance that theory by noting we cannot find Pentium Processors in trash dumps before 19932? Do discoveries of 1970s microprocessors ascertain them to be missing links or ancestors of Pentium Processors? Do similarities in microprocessors suggest they must have all evolved from a single ancestor?

Sound familiar? Ridiculous arguments, aren’t they? So why then should we believe dirt evolved into millions of complex species?

Humans and Bananas Share a Common Ancestor?

Much of today’s DNA research involves decoding species and comparing their DNA against other species.

Scientists tell us humans and chimps share a surprising 98.8 percent of their DNA.3 Does that mean we both share a common ancestor? They also tell us humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.4 Do bananas also share our common ancestor?

In programming we simply call that reusable code.5

I wrote my first computer program in 1981. I’ve been developing software since 1983. I’ve learned dozens of software languages and technologies.6 I can tell you that all the programmers in the world cannot produce a fruit fly. The programming of God is too complex. We haven’t begun to understand it.

Even if we could begin to understand God’s programming, we have no sound explanation for why microscopic biological machinery acts. For example, what causes all that tiny machinery to read DNA for cell replication?

Mankind is still pondering the questions, “Which came first—the chicken or the egg, the seed or the plant, or the egg and sperm before the baby?” Asking these same questions for each of the millions of species is overwhelming.

The statical likelihood that life was developed by a Creator is enormous. Only God can create machines that reproduce offspring with variation.7

Life, liberty and property existed before governments were instituted. Enemies foreign and domestic will not prevail in their attempts to invalidate God-given unalienable rights.

Vote Robert Stevens for Congress. Let me show you what I can do.


1 The word unalienable was used in the The Declaration of Independence. Today the word inalienable is more common worldwide but unalienable is still more common in the United States. See Google Trends unalienable vs inalienable.

2 According to Intel, the first Pentium Processor was introduced Mar. 22, 1993

3 DNA: Comparing Humans and Chimps

4 Humans share 50% DNA with bananas: The fascinating facts about the scientific world around us

5 When programmers start a new software project, we often use tools that generate reusable or foundational code. Although we’d expect to see large strands of foundational code among related species, it was a pleasant surprise to see it between animal and plant life.

6 Although users are happy with software advances, programmers know that underneath not much has changed in decades. High-level languages still compile to machine code. Although new instructions have been added, microprocessors are still just binary calculators.

7 Even if we could make self-replicating machines, how much more difficult it would be to create them such that their offspring were all unique, but still remain compatible!

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