Stevens vs Chaffetz Update 2—We’ve Already Won!

Let us—all of us—have the courage to defy the consensus, the courage to stand for principle. — Thomas S. Monson1

I was in the Conference Center for that incredible speech on April 5th. His quote from Robert Louis Stevenson strengthened me to press forward, “Everyday courage has few witnesses. But yours is no less noble because no drum beats for you and no crowds shout your name.”

We’ve already won. Courage to stand for correct principles is increasing. Ideas for good government are spreading. Excitement to rescue the U.S. Constitution here in Utah is gaining momentum.

Thanks to Dustin Phelps the CEO of Keep Congress Accountable, delegates are demanding our congressmen personally read bills before voting for them.2 Dustin was the first to alert me of the 1,582-page, trillion-dollar spending bill that all four Utah Congressman voted for in less than 48 hours after it was delivered to Congress on January 13, 2014.3

In politics, great progress is confirmed when the incumbent attacks. I am told last night that Congressman Jason Chaffetz used his speaking skills to smear and discredit me before a large audience in Provo.4 How unfortunate. Jason, you know that kind of behavior is below us.

Questions and Answers

Q. It feels just a little off to quote President Monson and talk about conference in a political email.
A. I realize the state delegates are of many faiths but President Monson is man of integrity whose insights are worth quoting.

After registering at the Utah State Capital, I walked down to Deseret Book. On display were autographed, signed books by President Monson. My first thought was, “That’s not a good use of a prophet’s time.” The employee at the counter informed me that President Monson’s secretary calls from time to time to see if they need more books.

I then compared his signature in several of his autographed books. They were different. At that point I exclaimed, “Genius!”—and realized signing books may be another way of getting people to buy one so I purchased two.

Q. Why should I vote for you over Jason Chaffetz?
A. I’ll read the bills. My team will debate them, investigate and ask questions. We’ll be completely transparent so you can follow our reasoning.

Q. How can I be sure you won’t be corrupted?
A. My heart is pure and I’m completely honest.

Q. Do you support Senators Lee and Cruz?
A. Yes. General Washington lost most of his battles but won the war. Because Senators Lee and Cruz made a stand against Obamacare, more citizens want it completely abolished at the federal level. I think they were highly successful. I subscribe to Senator Lee’s newsletter. He seems to be a man of integrity.


1 Be Strong and of a Good Courage, April, 2014

2 Dustin Phelps is a BYU student who actually reads all the congressional bills, summarizes them and writes a newsletter to inform the public. Dustin, our country needs good people like you. Should you decide to run for office, you have my full support.

3 See my article, Read the Bills: Common Sense Representation.

4 I’m told it happened near the end of the event in a question-and-answer session after some people left, and that at first it was unclear which candidate he was talking about. I was also informed that later there was a big discussion among several state delegates who were upset about the accusations. Had I known it wasn’t obvious to all, I wouldn’t have mentioned it in my last e-mail.