Federal Preschool Funding Requires Theft

Every loving American wants to help preschoolers, but it isn’t the proper role of the federal government to tax or steal money from one group and give it to another.1

If you want your neighbors to donate to disadvantaged preschoolers then ask for their donations. If they refuse, should you in good conscience petition the federal government to force them? If the feds agree and force your neighbors to pay, isn’t that theft?

The states never delegated to the federal government the powers to create or enforce laws regarding education. To do so would require a constitutional amendment.

The powers to tax citizens for public education is reserved by the states.2 Tax dollars allocated for local services are most efficiently used when the taxing entity is closer to the people.

Education functions best when it is administered by the people in a free-market, competitive society. The Department of Education must be disbanded. All control must be returned to the states.

This is good government. These sound constitutional principles that made the United States prosperous and great.

Let’s thank Congressman Jason Chaffetz for his six years of public service and release him so he can serve his country in another capacity. Vote Robert Stevens for Congress. Let me show you what I can do.


1 Obama again seeks funding for ‘Preschool for All’. Notice here he wants to further tax tobacco smokers. Whether or not we endorse tobacco, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize the force of government to tax smokers or any other group for the programs we embrace.

2 U.S. Bill of Right, Amendments IX and X