• On your website you mention that the marketable debt more than doubled while Chaffetz was in office. What would you have done differently than Chaffetz if you had been there?

    Good question. First, I would talk about it frequently. Second, I would work hard to identify programs at the federal level that can be eliminated or better handled by the states, and introduce bills to reduce federal expenditures.

  • I received an email from you stating that many view Chaffetz seeking for the chairmanship of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee is an example of him turning into a “Washingtonite.” Is this your position?

    We received that feedback from some of the state delegates. They saw it as evidence that status or position may be superseding results. I discussed this in the FAQ section on this page, Stevens vs Chaffetz.

  • How do you propose to keep from being affected by the “Washington Fever”? Will you be abstaining from chairmanships or committee memberships?

    I’m honest, my heart is pure and I won’t cater to lobbyist. I try to decide ahead of time how I’ll act in given situations. I also will abide by my own checklist of formulas for good government. If I’m offered a chair or membership position, I’ll discuss it with my staff and constituents to decide if it is in Utah’s best interests.

  • What is it that Chaffetz has done as a representative that you don’t like?
    He voted for a 1,582-page, trillion-dollar spending bill less than 48 hours after it was introduced in the House. See my article, Read the Bills: Common-Sense Representation. I expect all elected officials to not only read the bills they vote for, but to understand, investigate and debate them.
  • What made you decide to run for Congress?

    Eight years ago I realized our government was seriously on the wrong track. Why are our problems accelerating? What went wrong? How can I help?

    Looking for solutions I began watching more news. Although I felt informed, over time it became obvious to me that the news was part of the problem. Although people tuned in regularly, their dissent stopped with their favorite talk-show hosts.

    Searching for answers, I read government bills, history books, scriptures, religious commentary, articles from independent journalists and anything I could find on the proper role of government.

    My family and I visited several well-known colonial history sites. I read letters, speeches and published words from our Founding Fathers.

    When I felt I had good insights I’d contact my Congressmen and Senators. I spoke to interns but never to an elected official, nor did they ever return my phone calls.

    I submitted many insights and ideas—sometimes very good ones! To my disappointment their replies appeared to be nothing but canned, pre-written e-mails.

    I finally concluded my voice wasn’t being heard. I had no representation in government. It was time to do something about it.

  • Are you a native of Utah?

    No, but Utah has been my home for thirty three years.

  • Why did you decide to run against Jason Chaffetz?
    I didn’t file to run against Jason Chaffetz; I filed to serve my country.
  • Why do you believe you will give the citizens of our district better representation than has been given by Rep. Chaffetz?

    Since 1913 the Founding Fathers’ ingenious system of representation has been broken. Please read my article, Not Represented? 10,157 Congressmen are Missing!

    We can restore the correct representation ratio. It is Utah’s destiny to lead the way. See my articles, Wanted: 24 Acting U.S. House of Representatives and The Wizard of Oz and Rescuing the U.S. Constitution, Part 1

  • Are you thinking Jason would run for Senate?
    Should he decide to run, many citizens of our great state of Utah will welcome his candidacy. It would be a good experience for him—and perhaps for us to see him serve in that capacity. For Congressman Chaffetz, new and larger doors will open.
  • What would you like to accomplish if elected?
    I want to restore constitutional representation to the way it was intended by our Founding Fathers, first as an experiment at our office. If successful, our experiment will be a shining example for other districts and states to follow.

    When ideas are lacking I’ll introduce new ones. Given big problems I will introduce simple, elegant solutions.

    It is time for new thinking and new public servants to rekindle the torch of liberty. Give me a chance. Vote Robert Stevens for Congress. Let me show you what I can do.

  • How can we expect to have any respect, to be trusted at all, if we break our promises?

    We cannot. That’s why we must elect men and women of impeccable virtue. We must return to the original, pre-1913 U.S. constitutional system of representation that holds elected officials accountable—Senators to their state legislators; Representatives to their constituents.

    Having said that, I realize nobody can know everything before starting a new job. Learning adds to our knowledge. Wisdom helps us make better decisions. But NEVER must we compromise on divine constitutional principles.

  • I like you. But you have to have better reasons than that to oust a rep I think is good. What else you got?

    Please read my articles on RobertStevens.org. Read the U.S. Constitution. Read Ezra Taft Benson’s, “The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner” or “The Proper Role of Government.” If you discover my understandings are not inline with those of the Founding Fathers and constitutional government then please enlighten me. If they are then pray about it.