The Fall and Rebirth of Empires

I hope to properly footnote this after the election—Robert.

Many of our Founding Fathers including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison frequently studied the rise and fall of empires. Although Jefferson was in Europe during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, he sent Madison many books. Understanding history helped the Founding Fathers create the greatest system of government ever produced—the U.S. Constitution.

In my quest to help our nation, I searched the scriptural and historical records for solutions. A general pattern regarding the fall and rebirth of empires emerged:

  1. A small group of men influence politicians—usually for power or gain.
  2. Representation in government is taken away from the people and their state legislators. Most citizens continue to believe they are properly represented.
  3. Sound money is replaced with a fiat monetary system.
  4. Through elaborate schemes, wealth is transferred to the wealthy elite. The ruling class and those who help them are rewarded.
  5. The educational system is hi-jacked. School children are indoctrinated quickly. Within a few generations most citizens have no understanding of the proper role of government nor its foundational principles.
  6. The media is purchased and run by a state propaganda machine. It is used to dumb down society, distract them from anything of importance, protect the ruling class in their crimes and promote their agendas.
  7. Religion and religious freedom are steadily attacked. God is replaced with statism.
  8. Roundtable organizations are constructed to promote agendas and to protect against mistakes. Attacks are simultaneously conducted on many fronts. Citizens can’t keep up. Elected officials lose their ability to effectively defend, protect and prosecute.
  9.  Plans are made to seize more power during a cataclysmic event or planned deception (students of Nazi Germany are well acquainted with Hitler’s staged events). They are used as a pretext to internally and systematically destroy the laws of the land as citizens trade liberty and freedom for protection. To contrast how effective this is, consider that wars and external forces rarely destroy inviolate constitutional laws and foundational principles.
  10.  Power is centralized into the executive branch or chief ruler.
  11.  To acquire campaign funding for re-election, politicians cater to special interest groups.
  12.  Government spending grows significantly. As bills are delegated to special interest groups, the number of laws expand dramatically.
  13.  A welfare state is created. For the conspirators to plunder large amounts of the empire’s wealth, their puppet rulers give money away to citizens, powerful groups, companies and foreign nations. Redistribution of wealth is promoted as the proper role of government.
  14.  Citizens support governmental welfare. Many become dependent on it. Unchecked immigration expands welfare. Sharing the plunder helps keep the puppet rulers in power.
  15.  The conspirators plunder for as long as possible by manipulating the financial system.
  16.  If the government turns into a dictatorship, citizens are often used to expand the empire. Others become expendable. Tyrants order extermination–hence, democide. In the 20th century alone, the University of Hawaii estimates 262 million humans were killed by their own governments.
  17.  Citizens rally to the cause of patriotism. Families send sons and daughters into battle with no or little understanding of the underlying deceptions.
  18.  Wars escalate. Promises are made to avenge the blood of those who fell. Offensive wars begin. At that point God withdraws—the empire is left to itself and makes bad decisions.
  19.  War creates opportunity for more even plunder.
  20.  Prices rise. Citizens turn to those who are most likely to save them–usually the very people who plundered the nation’s wealth, or newcomers with ties.
  21.  If those who plundered the nation’s wealth don’t want to be blamed for the monetary collapse, they may start a major war. Massive death and destruction occur. Once war is over, survivors are humbled and turn to God.
  22.  Men and women of sound foundational principles meet to form new government. Testimonials are given. Subpoena powers are often used. Historical and scriptural records are consulted to learn lessons from the past.
  23.  Constitutional government is re-established with safeguards to protect citizens against the mischief they survived.
  24.  Freed from oppression, the people rejoice and prosper. The cycle starts anew.

Some Additional Thoughts

  • Whether constitutional or not, most power grabs are accomplished legally.
  • Most people involved in the decline of an empire are good, honest patriotic citizens with good intentions.
  • Most victims are innocent civilians.
  • Few students of history believe this will ever happen in their nation. Those who foresee it are ignored. After a collapse, the chain of events may become common knowledge. As people die and new generations are born, society forgets.
  • How many cycles has God witnessed? No wonder many are called and few are chosen and entrance into God’s heavenly kingdom requires keeping all His commandments.

Can a nation regain its wealth?

All empires have eventually failed, but when wealth is transferred legally it is difficult to take back. Eventually the conspirators create foundations before their death. The greatest of all people use their wealth to bless the human family while they remain alive.

Can empires be saved?

Good question—Welcome to what I’ve thought about since 2006.

Correct information is vital to the survival of a free society. Media organizations must be independently owned and completely free of governmental coercion and special-interest manipulation.

All attempts to silence any particular group, business or individual must be stopped. Once people are accustomed to government eliminating the freedoms enjoyed by one group, free speech is threatened for all.

Nullification works. States must nullify federal laws.

You’ve always had the power in you to restore constitutional government!

We can learn a lot from Glenda’s 1939 statement to Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz, “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas…you wouldn’t have believed me…She had to find out for herself.”

More on this in the next article.

Is there a better way?

Most of the mankind’s scientific achievements occurred since the U.S. Constitution was ratified. By creating a perfect balance in government, educational opportunities expanded, research and discovery exploded, and free-market incentives were established for enlightened citizens to pursue their dreams.

Since its introduction, it has been under constant attack but no better form of government has ever been produced.

Voices today say the U.S. Constitution is outdated and no longer works. That’s like saying your vehicle’s transmission isn’t good after conspirators sabotaged it by altering its intended function. The fact that our nation prospered for so long after the events of 1913 is further evidence of the Constitution’s greatness.

If I were ruler of the world I’d promote virtue, discovery and technical advancement. Advances in healthcare may extend life—including my own. Scientific advances make this a better world. Great contributions in art and music benefit everyone. Opportunities to explore and populate the universe are endless. For this all to occur, I’d repair the balance of good government by restoring the U.S. Constitution.

Let’s thank Congressman Jason Chaffetz for his six years of public service and release him so he can serve his country in another capacity. Vote Robert Stevens for Congress. Let me show you what I can do.