Against Common Core

Because children have different gifts, talents and abilities, and progress at different rates, parents discover they must uniquely mentor each child. When we delegate to schools the responsibility to teach our children, we hope teachers recognize their strengths and weaknesses and adapt accordingly.

Therefore we must empower those at the lowest possible levels, namely teachers, the freedom to use their skills and methods as they see works best.

Parents want better schools for their children but not a federal subsidy leading to the control of the teachings and textbooks as well as the ideologies of the children1—Ezra Taft Benson

We do not need Big Brother to use force and deny school funding if they choose not to comply with national standards.

Considering what happened in Russia and Nazi Germany, opponents rightly fear the state may use Common Core as a vehicle to negatively influence our children with immoral, inappropriate and Godless content.

Recent reports claim Common Core textbooks are trying to rewrite the 2nd Amendment.2

Whatever we can do at the local and state levels should never be delegated to the federal government. It is far better not to accept federal money than to become federal slaves. —Robert John Stevens (me)

Standards of Excellence

In a free society, citizens may choose to fund small committees, public servants or educational institutions to recommend standards of excellence for sports, arts, music and academics. As students pursue their interests they can be rewarded with awards or recognition of achievement.

Forcing children when their brains are forming into a one-size fits all standard will stifle creativity. This will have enormous, long-term negative consequences for early stage innovation that could have evolved into successful startups.

Common Core vs Accreditation

Without governmental interference, college professors around the nation work together to create standards for their accredited degrees. These standards are for adult students who already determined their course of study. But even in the same major, standards create problems as college students try to understand their specific paths of study.

If accreditation standards cause problems in college majors, reason dictates it will be a disaster for K-12.

Let’s thank Congressman Jason Chaffetz for his six years of public service and release him so he can serve his country in another capacity. Vote Robert Stevens for Congress. Let me show you what I can do.

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Questions and Answers

Q. My understanding is that back in summer 2009, the state school board hurriedly met to sign the federal agreement to go along with CC, even though it wasn’t known what it entailed. I’ve been told by several people that this Friday meeting was rushed and did not provide the required time period of notice to the public. If this is true, then shouldn’t we be able to nullify Utah’s “contract” with the Feds to implement this?

A. Yes! The power of self government belongs to the people. Our federal government has no business in education. It was never a power delegated to them by the states. To give the federal government any powers not reserved by the states would require a constitutional amendment. For Utah or any state to give the federal government a specific power without a constitutional amendment is totally unconstitutional.

The notion that citizens must be taxed by the federal government who then reserves the right to withhold funds for unconstitutional programs the states don’t comply with is absurd.

This is how I understand the U.S. Constitution.


1 The Constitution—A Heavenly Banner, Ezra Taft Benson, page 38.

2 Common Core-approved Textbooks Rewrite Second Amendment